What’s our Day Center?

What is the Day Center of the Institute of Neurosciences?

  • Individualized Treatment Method to get out before the tunnel
  • Holistic and cutting-edge approach
  • Center of excellence where new research is applied to treatment
  • Integration of therapeutic resources up to non-pharmaceutical drug treatment of disorders

The Day Center of the Institute of Neurosciences is open to everyone, but particularly for those who:

  • Have already tried other treatments without success
  • Have had to discontinue treatment due to side effects
  • Have medical problems which require more vigilance
  • Are generally “allergic” or intolerant of treatment

The Day Center of the Institute of Neurosciences integrates psychological evaluations, cutting-edge therapies based on research, pharmaceutical drugs, meetings with the patient and their family members (if requested) in order to obtain an individualized and calibrated treatment plan.

The Day Center is a specific level of the treatment of psychological disorders, which offers important advantages with respect to the most restrictive level of recovery in a hospital, and to traditional outpatient care.

In fact, the Day Center allows for a more structured and intense treatment than outpatient care, without the restrictive and at times regressive aspects of a 24 hour hospital timetable.  

The Day Center is born following two precise needs:

  • to maintain the suffering person in their own social and familial environment;
  • to treat the person maintaining the maximum level possible of social activity guaranteeing however packed therapeutic programs and under daily specialist examination.

For the patient affected by psychological disorders, the Day Center represents the best of all possible therapeutic environments.  

Inside this environment, sophisticated evaluation and diagnostic procedures can be done, cutting-edge therapeutic programs and their immediate implementation whether they be pharmaceutical or psychological in nature, psychological education activities, and support for patients and their family members.


The therapeutic methods used under medical specialist supervision at the Day Center are:

  • Neuro-modulation Therapies
  • Infusion Therapies
  • Psycho-educational Intervention
  • Psychotherapy