Mission Statement


To Improve the Quality of Living for Each Person

Research applied to healing

The mission of Prof. Stefano Pallanti is to heal the person in need of the most sophisticated and complex treatments, to continue and update research, and to contribute to defining and resolving the health problems of persons and the community.


Prof. Stefano Pallanti, moreover, takes upon itself, whether national or international in  scope, to disseminate information regarding prevention, diagnosis, and treatments through our education programs. 


Prof. Stefano Pallanti operates on the inspiration of two principles:


The first is the holistic approach, that is healing the person, in their entirety and with dignity in each and every phase, even the most difficult, that of one’s own existence, in order to bring back  improvement to the quality of life.


The second is the continuation and updating of research as the only possibilities to be able to offer not only a treatment, but the most appropriate treatment, scientifically validated, and thus adapted to individual characteristics (/cases).