Biofeedback is an instrument which teaches how to modify one’s own physiological activity in order to improve health or to increase athletic, artistic, or professional performance.


Instruments precisely measure information regarding one’s own physiology (ex. brain waves, heart rate, breathing, muscular tension, and temperature of the dermis. These “feedback” instruments transmit information to the user in real time through the computer monitor.    


Such information, even throughout the changes of thoughts, emotions, and in behavior, allow for the modification of physiological function, producing a reduction of the symptomatology  tied to some specific disturbances, or allowing for the attainment of superior performance.


With the learning process these changes can be maintained in time without the need of further use of biofeedback instruments.


Biofeedback treatment does not have any side effects.



16 sessions, twice a week

Physical examination and evaluations with tests

BioFeedback Treatment: 20min/session

Eighth e 16th session: repetition of appropriate tests

16th session: The results and evaulations will be returned. Some successive instructions will be given.